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On February 8, following the opening of Wuxian store in January, Huangguan store, the second new retail store in Wuhan Qianli Ma, was officially upgraded and opened The upgraded Huangguan store has greatly changed from in-store appearance to outlook The roadside appearance adopts fashionable window design, which can be changed according to the latest information In the store, the details are exquisite, the cashier's background wall, the "SEVALO" backlight shining, exquisite three-dimensional Fu lanterns, filled with festive atmosphere and warm flavor The small volume of sealing ring accessories no longer needs to hide in the warehouse alone, but showed on the production of sophisticated curved toughened glass cabinets On one side of the back wall, there are some exquisite gifts such as ponies, excavator models, custom insulating cups and so on, which make the original cold construction machinery stores warmer and warmer


The shopping environment is spacious and bright The open style shelf layout is more convenient for customers to choose In spite of the traditional accessories such as oil products and filter elements, customized clothing and backpacks are also placed on the shelves to meet the individual requirements of customers Above the shelves, there are the advertisements for Dooshan, Botcat, Atlas, Dynapc, Terex, Exiaoma, Sevalo remanufactured, which represent the development strategy of Sevalo's diversified brand and multi-products integration


The lounge is comfortable and fashionable. In addition, the lounge also provides a number of USB interfaces could be used to recharge. The TV on the wall is constantly broadcasting the Sevalos products introduction, enterprise advertisement.


Yang Jun, the general manager of Wuhan Sevalo, attended the opening ceremony with the executive team of company. The customers from Huangshi sent flowers baskets to congratulate. Many customers directly made the order for new equipment and accessories.

ʹڵŵͼƬһת˲ȦĽʺޡû˵Parts Shop,ֱҪ,ϣ̨

As soon as representing the new image of Huangguan store in Wechat, it was widely spread by many customers. Some clients says: It is the real Parts Shop. Some potential collaborator wish Sevalo could establish co-operation policies.


As the construction machinery environmental-friendly supply chain service platform in China, Sevalo is willing to be the pioneer of new retail sales in construction machinery industry, who is seeking innovation and influence the industry trend. Currently, Shiyan, Enshi, Jingmen and Xiangyang stores will be opened at the end of February, while Sichuan Sevalo will prepare the upgrade their stores as the second stage of store re-decoration. Those fashionable and modern stores will impress our customers on Sevalos new image.




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